In April students of the 4CD- English group took part in a baking contest. First, we had to find a recipe for an English/ American dessert. Then we had to bake the product of our choice at home. Finally, on April 25th all of us brought the delicious cakes, cupcakes, muffins and many other desserts to school where they were tasted and rated by the experts (= the students, of course ;)). The winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) were given small prizes (even more chocolate!).

1st winner: Lukas PROKESCH (4C): Chocolate Brownies
2nd winners: Florian SCHMIDT (4D) & Alessandro TOLLIO (4D): Apple Pie
3rd winner: Desiree WEICHSELBERGER (4C): Cupcakes

Text & Photos: students of the 4CD-group & Ms. Nahimi

Experts tasting muffins and brownies
Here they are - our delicious desserts!
Hmh - What should I try next
Oreo Cupcakes
The winners
We even had a Guglhupf!
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