4C and 4D in Dublin

Two weeks ago we went to Dublin. Our trip started on Saturday, 30.9.2017.We met at school at 3.30am and went to the airport of Bratislava by bus. There we took our 2.30 hour flight to Dublin. We met our host families in Ballinteer, a suburb of Dublin.

On Sunday we went to the Irish National Heritage Park, where you can see how the Irish lived in the past. This was very interesting.

On Monday we had our first lessons at the language school. After school a guide showed us around Dublin and we saw many famous sights like St. Patrick's Cathedral, Chist Church Cathedral, Temple Bar with its lovely pubs and St. Stephen's Green, one of Dublin's most famous parks.

Tuesday afternoon we went to the little fishertown of Bray, southeast of Dublin. We walked along the promenade and went hiking on Bray´s Head, a little mountain from where you have a wonderful view over the Irish coast.

On Wednesday we visited Kilmainham Goal, a former prison where scenes from the film "In the name of the father“ were shot.

The best day of our trip was Thursday when we first went to an old ship called Jeanie Johnston and then watched some greyhound races in the evening. That was really cool!

On the last day of our Dublin trip we had some free time in the afternoon. Most of us went to buy some souvenirs and then we packed our trunks.

On Saturday we flew back to Bratislava and then went to Vienna by bus. Tired but happy we arrived back home again.

Geschrieben von Manuel Ritz, 4C




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